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Thin tiles that are made up primarily of alumina and silica, similar to hard bricks.

Insulating Brick

Used in areas exposed to high temperatures, these bricks are lightweight, porous, and great insulators that are made primarily of refractory ceramic material; also known as soft bricks.


This insulating material is critical for success in a high-heat environment.

Precast Refractory Shapes

Coming in custom shapes for all applications, precast refractory shapes are made with cement and fused refractory products that are formed before installation to a furnace or kiln.


Created to withstand high temperature, our stacks have a steel casing to reinforce the lining.


A type of cement that is derived from a wide variety of raw materials and used to build and repair heat-resistant structures.

Furnace Lining

Protective layer of insulating material used to protect the interior of a furnace from extreme heat. Made from a variety of raw ceramic lining materials.


Ceramic fiber is used to create light-weight material for high-temperature insulation.

Stack Linings

The lining of a stack helps protect the stack against thermal shock, erosion, and wear and tear.

Fiber Modules

Ceramic fiber blankets, folded and compressed into rectangles, that are used for insulating areas of extremely high-temperatures such as furnaces and kilns.

Hard Brick

Dense bricks that are made primarily of silica and alumina and tolerant of high temperatures.

Insulating Blankets

Ceramic fiber wool that is spun into durable, light-weight material used for high-temperature insulation.