Refractory materials have a variety of different applications and cover various industries. From reactors and incinerators to kilns and furnaces, there are many needs for materials that do not readily decompose from heat, pressure, or chemical reactions. Here are a few applications for refractory materials.


Kilns are the tools of hobbyists and professionals to create ceramics, glass, and small metal-clay projects. The type of material heated will determine the best kind of kiln as well as the necessary refractory materials.


Furnaces are not just for heating our homes. Furnaces are used to heat and shape metal. The temperatures needed for furnaces require refractory materials.


Incinerators burn what is placed inside, leaving only ash behind. Since they burn hazardous materials, the temperature must be so high that it will destroy any dangerous contaminants.


While a reactor is technically any container where chemical processes occur, we typically think of nuclear reactors. Given the energy and heat from the chemical reactions that occur in reactors, refractory materials are essential for the safety of everyone involved.